Ethiopia signs Bilateral Investment Treaties with developed countries in the aim of promoting investment; foreign and domestic investors choose arbitration than court litigation. All these contracts and dispute resolution clauses need a professional that can navigate his ways through the law and knows the practice.

As a legal counsel residing in Ethiopia, Mr. Michael represented clients before arbitration tribunals. He took part in USD 1.4 Billion international arbitration case. His experience and theoretical knowledge put him among the leading commentators of Ethiopian arbitration law.

Mr. Michael advises clients on the most favorable course of action to achieve their business goal.

Company Law and M&A

Company law is among the areas of law which need a careful attention. Ethiopia has enacted different laws to regulate businesses. An investor who wishes to transact with another firm in Ethiopia needs to get a professional who can give the proper practical advices, which save time and money.

Mr. Michael’s experience in company law and M&A matters, which involve more than USD 2,000,000.00, gave him a theoretical knowledge and practical experience into tax, shareholder matters. As a lawyer, Mr. Michael handled cases about company liquidation and was able to witness firsthand the problems involved and their solution in company law.

M&A lawyer must grasp the concept of both commercial law and competition law. M&A involves rigorous procedures both within the company and at administrative organs.

Mr. Michael and his team have direct experience in preparing due diligence reports, conversion, amalgamation, drafting minute for shareholder meetings. They benefit from practical knowledge and are ready to assist clients who need their legal service.

Mining and Oil contracts

An investor who wants to put his money on mining, sign a Petroleum Product Sharing Agreement /PPSA/ needs a consultant who understands the legal framework and practical challenges.

Mr. Michael and his team have worked on mining and oil contracts. They have advised clients on the establishment of mining companies, royalty payment, obtaining a mining license. They had an opportunity to work on an international arbitration matter which involved a petroleum product sharing agreement.

Tax Law

Any business person must understand how the tax system in a country where he opens his firm operates. Any business person with inadequate knowledge about Ethiopian tax law will not have full understanding of the business world.

At MiT Law Office, we offer pragmatic advise to those who wish to invest in Ethiopia. Clients, who work on import & export, establish new investment in Ethiopia, those who wish to merger, acquire, amalgamate with another undertaking get an advice vis a vis the tax laws.

Investment Law

With the aim of attracting foreign investment, Ethiopia has enacted new investment laws. These laws foresee in creating a stable environment for foreign investors starting from areas of investment. Recently, the government promised to give land free of lease payment if they invest in “industry zones”. Further, accession to the WTO is still undergoing.

All these laws and changes that might come in relation to the accession require thorough understanding of investment and commercial laws. Mr. Michael and his team have the theoretical and practical exposure into the world of international commercial law. They have helped various foreign entities to successfully register their business in Ethiopia.

A well informed investor will save his money, time, energy, and work more efficiently.

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