Company law is not just about an entity. It is about corporate governance, shareholders, company managers, employees and the day to day operation of the firm. Likewise, a pragmatic trader needs to understand how investment law works inside the country where he invests. Even after a company is established, its day to day activities must be closely monitored as issues related with dividend, tax, board members’ fee, appointment of managers, auditors, annual shareholder meetings can arise.

Michael’s experience in company and investment law involve in handling cases of more than USD 2 Million. He effectively prepares minutes with various resolutions for extraordinary and ordinary shareholders meetings, takes them to Documents Authentication and Registration Agency for authentication and to the relevant governmental body to be deposited. In addition, he has firsthand experience in court cases in relation to dissolution of companies, which exposed him to deal with problems involved in corporate governance. By observing the relevant tax law, Michael effectually advises companies on how to increase and/or decrease their capital; protect the right of shareholders (especially minority shareholders).

In relation to investment law, his experience ranges from incorporating companies to preparing technology transfer agreements. In one instance, he drafted an agreement of more than USD 260,000.00 per annum, took it to the relevant organization for authentication and brought it to investment commission for deposition.

Furthermore, Michael has effectively advised clients on how to remit their profit and things they must be cautious before reinvesting or asking permission to expand their investment. All these things require thorough reading of commercial laws, tax law and investment legislations.

Incorporating a company and understanding investment law may seem easy from the outside; however, unless you know how to navigate your way through commercial law, tax law and import & export laws, it will eventually become a risky deal. Michael’s practicality and diligence has led a lot of businesses to success and is ready to serve your needs too.