The field of commercially related construction law disputes can sometimes be complicated. They might involve contractors, sub contractors, owners, insurers, construction machinery leasing companies and other stakeholders. Especially, in Ethiopia, the government pays a lot of attention to the construction sector. This is why contractors have the privilege to import duty free goods. Sometimes the issue of compensation may arise. This is to mean that individuals who are expropriated from their land will eventually ask for the right amount of compensation.

This is why construction law needs an attorney who reads between the lines of every single contract. Other than practicing construction law, Michael teaches it at Addis Ababa University School of Law. This helps him to understand both the theory and practice of construction law.

Michael assists clients to incorporate construction companies, legally upgrade their capacity, prepare employment agreements and machinery leasing contracts. He has dealt with cases where consulting and construction companies are involved in international disputes. In addition, his substantial knowledge and relevant work experience on real estate cases (both in litigation and arbitration) makes him to stand out among colleagues.