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What We Do

ADR, Arbitration and Litigation

It is often said that litigation is a battle. If you are ever caught up in one, you need a qualified, effective and experienced lawyer, who is trained to find needle from a haystack, take care of the case professionally and understand you personally.

Company & Investment Law

Incorporating a company and understanding investment law may seem easy from the outside; however, unless a business person knows how to navigate his way through commercial law, it becomes a risky deal. Michael’s pragmatism and diligence has led a lot of businesses to success and is ready to serve your needs too.

Mining and Oil & Gas Law

Mining business requires a lot of hard work. If you wish to invest in the Mining sector, let someone who understands the business; has first-hand experience in incorporating Mining companies, handling labor issues which raise in the Mining business; understand jargons used in Mining, Oil & Gas agreements be by your side.

Merger and Acquisition (M&A)

Any business decision to merge with a firm or acquire it must bring prosperity. Michael’s well-founded experience in the field of Merger and Acquisition will gently guide you through preparation of due diligence, business negotiation and the whole M&A process.

Construction Law

The field of commercially related construction law disputes can sometimes be complicated. They might involve contractors, sub contractors, owners, insurers, construction machinery leasing companies and other stakeholders. Michael assists clients to incorporate construction companies, legally upgrade their capacity, prepare employment agreements and machinery leasing contracts.