The decision to merge with another company or to acquire one should bring prosperity; otherwise, the business person is simply wasting his/her time and money. Merger and Acquisition is regulated by commercial law, trade competition and consumer protection laws, tax laws, commercial registration and business licensing laws.

During merger and acquisition there are be administrative and legal challenges related with employment, tax, share transfer, amendment of memorandum of association and articles of association, getting approval for the merger.

In M&A cases, he has assisted clients to register their merger (more than USD 2 Million) at the relevant governmental authority, authenticate the minute for extraordinary shareholders meeting and register the same at Ministry of Trade (MoT) for the purpose of obtaining new business license.

Michael’s well-founded and vast experience in the field of Merger and Acquisition will gently guide you through detailed work of preparation of due diligence, preparing Investor Shareholder Agreement, business negotiation which may be necessary to proceed with the M&A and the whole merger and acquisition process in governmental institutions.