Investing in an area of mining is not an easy task. It requires huge capital, man power, technical abilities and many more. In general, mining is a capital intensive work. The same holds true for oil & gas contracts. The area is also politically sensitive. Governments want the sector to grow to generate more income, create employment opportunities.

Beginning from establishing a mining company until production begins even after that, the business of mining and oil & gas must be carefully handled. Mining companies need to secure land, submit feasibility study, financial, technical proposal and environmental impact assessment. During the signing stage, mining contracts must be read very thoroughly too. Some terminologies are not commonly used in day to day trade activities. Furthermore, mining companies must know their right under the license they are applying.

Michael has taken part in an international arbitration, where the claim was USD 1.4 Billion, related with five Petroleum Product Sharing Agreements (PPSAs). His introduction to Petroleum Product Sharing Agreements paved the way for him to work closely with mining companies and properly understand issues related with mining law.

He advises mining companies on various matters including preparation of feasibility study, incorporation of mining company, applying for exploration and mining licenses, labor issues and tax cases related with mining and oil & gas projects. If you wish to invest in the Mining sector, let someone who understands the business; has first-hand experience in incorporating Mining companies, handling labor issues raised in the Mining business; understand jargons used in Mining, Oil & Gas agreements be by your side. Michael will just do that!